We offer a wide variety of home staging services in eastern Iowa.  Let us know if you need something in addition to what we have listed, we have what you need! Declutter, depersonalize, invest in professional photos and hire a certified stager for your best result!

$200 for up to two hours for Walk & Talk + Report with Hands On Help

A great option if you just need direction and help to get your home on the market! Beginning at the curb and going room by room assessing everything, we will suggest furniture placement, packing suggestions, accessory and art placement, all to get your home ready for pictures and a sale! We may suggest paint colors, fixture changes, flooring or needed repairs. We'll hand you the report when we're done and help along the way! See Accessory Staging below for additional add-ons.

We'll walk through your home with you, citing recommendations that will put your property in a top selling position. We fill out a report as you go to get you started right away!

Our trained stagers will showcase your property's space by arranging client's artwork, accessories and placing moveable furniture to create emotional connections throughout. We will tag items for client to pack so home is ready for photos and stand out from the crowd!


Free Initial Consult and Quote
Staging Prices Vary


We'll bring the style to your listings for optimal results and quick sales!  This service includes our certified stagers taking note of room size and layout, architecture, current or new paint, flooring and fixtures and selecting from our inventory to coordinate with the style and price of the home  for a complete design scheme that fits perfectly in the space and will emotionally connect buyers to your home.  We can stage just the main living areas of your home or more!  We do offer simple staging for less expensive homes.                                                                                                                                      

We will take measurements and pictures noting colors, flooring, fixtures etc. to help select inventory for the style and design scheme best suiting your property. This also helps ensure the best rooms to stage for the most impact. We are conscious of your budget.

*Please contact us to set up a consultation and we will send you a quote.

In just a few days after previewing, we arrive with furniture and accessories to design your home to perfection! It only takes a few hours depending on the size of the home. We will let you know when it is complete.
*Variables That Can Affect Your Cost
Square footage of rooms determining furniture needs.
Price point of the property

Number of rooms needing staging considering your budget.

Occupied Consult + Accessory Rental

As we walk through your home for an Occupied Consult, we'll assess what

additional items will enhance your property for sale including artwork, bedding, pillows and decor. 

$175 for up to Two hours

Virtual online options are a great option.  We offer services to help you with an occupied stage using your own furniture and accessories. We include links for you to send pictures and measurements and/or we can chat virtually to see your home and help you get it ready to sell. We'll even chat free for a few minutes with general suggestions to get you started if you like (it may be all you need) and you can go from there! Click picture to connect this way.

  Priced As  Above 

Discounts for multiple units or transfer to like units for vacant homes
Staging for custom home photos

We will work with you to get your properties staged and on the market in a timely manner and make you look good! We'll even reset a stage to another local unit for less.
*For custom home we offer a short stage in a timely manner for you to use as a great marketing tool to sign new clients looking for a custom home builder. You can capture images of your builds beautifully styled before the homeowners move in. Typical timeline - (Stage day 1, Professional pictures day 2, De-stage day 3)  

Prices Vary

We’ll suggest items to buy to upgrade your photos and spaces for your local area vacation rental property to get maximum rental income. We'll work with you to come up with a rental property staging design with everything you need that shows off your property in the best way possible.

$100 per room, $350 for up to 4, $590 for up to 10

Not sure what color to paint your trim, cabinet and walls to get your home to sell or to update and love? Our certified color experts will assess all of your colors in your rooms to determine the best paint color to enhance your current furnishings, fixtures and architectural elements.

*2021 Survey Results from RESA

*85% of staged homes sold for 5-23% over list price.
*With an average investment of 1%, approximately 75% of sellers saw an ROI of 5-15% over asking price.
*Staged homes sell faster, averaging just 23 days on market.
*60% of stagers reporting 15-25% ROI charge 1.5% or more of list price for staging services. (Our prices are less)

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