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Expecting Summer Company?

  • June 15, 2024

Summer is a great time to travel and many of us welcome family and friends to come stay awhile. From our own experience, here are some great items to make anyone feel loved and taken care of while visiting. Luxury feel fibers, robes and slippers that will fit anyone, great reads for summer 2024, flowers, water at the ready and snacks and a great smelling space with soy candles. All products are highly recommended. They may enjoy their room so much while staying, they may never come out! Click on the links below to order.

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Textiles for Summer

  • June 10, 2024

Summer is here and there are so many options to spruce up your deck with. New textiles and color combinations are both available. Here are a few from Amazon that we recommend. Try the blue or a combination of colors. Many items are offered in several colors so you can go natural or colorful!

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Sustainable Furniture

  • May 30, 2024

Would you like to play a part in reducing your carbon footprint and mitigating the effects of climate change? Sustainable furniture production typically involves lower energy consumption and fewer carbon emissions compared to conventional manufacturing processes. By selecting eco-friendly furniture options you can help the environment, plus there are lots of beautiful choices at all price levels.

Sustainable furniture is designed to minimize its negative impact on the environment throughout its entire life cycle, from production to disposal. It often uses materials that are renewable, recycled, or nontoxic, and aims to reduce waste and energy use. Here are some great pieces for your home to help the environment and still be beautiful. Amazon products on the board are all Climate pledge friendly and/or reviewed by the Forest Stewardship council to include wood from controlled wood sources. The others are made from recycled or up-cycled materials and are offered by some great providers. We have a partnership with Amazon.

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Accessible Furniture

  • May 8, 2024

Sometimes in life we all need a little extra help. Many companies make lots of devices and furniture for when you need it. We share a partnership with the Amazon items...

All of these products are designed to be accessible to either those in a wheelchair, or the elderly. Some are also designed for everyone to make life easier or more safe.

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Design Trends in Action: A Deck Space Showcase

  • April 9, 2024










Looking back to our design trends of the year blog, we decided to put together a space to help visualize how you can put those trends into action.

  • First up is the space itself. We chose to show a rooftop deck which is a mixed-use space. Mixed-use spaces can help your home have more to offer, and in this case an outdoor area where you can enjoy the nice weather without leaving your home!
  • Second is the curved outdoor couch, remember curves and even double curves are hot if you can manage to get your hands on them.
  • Third is the use of color. Contrast with colors such as the black and white as well as the reds and blues are another easy way to make a space pop. In this scene we even used a lot of the colors we showed in our colors of the year blog. The warm red of the deck mixes well with the softer whites and tans of the table, couch, and chairs and the blue rug is a nice accent that contrasts well to tie the room together.

We hope this template can make it easier for you to incorporate some of these trends into your own home. The big takeaway should be the overall trends of color, curves, and mixed-use. Don’t be afraid to experiment and make your space look the way you want it to because after all it is yours!

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The Hottest Must-Have Interior Design Trends of 2024

  • March 2, 2024

Your Home Trends of 2024 are Here and We Can’t Wait to Share Them With You!

We’ve compiled a list below so you can personalize any room in your home creating design with curves and corners, homes inspired by nature, use of multifunctional spaces, ceilings painted black with contrast using geometric shaping, layering textures, sustainable decor, bold tiling, and all things maximalism. Using these current trends, your home is sure to be the one friends and family will be talking about for years to come.

Starting off we have our whole home trends, set to be viable in any room in your home. We’ve seen a large uptick in usage of the following:

  • Curved furniture dominates especially double curves
  • Textured/Fluted furniture, walls, ceilings. High Glass ceiling searches are up 816%, Tongue-and groove, painted, wallpaper, black ceilings all up as well.
  • Contrast with both colors and textures
  • Mixed use spaces such as a movie theater, game room, orgym placed in the basement. Rooftop decks and mud-rooms are also other great spaces to have so that your home can offer more. In addition to mixed use we’ve also seen big increases in experiential living. Sensory gardens are surging on Zillow. Up 314% in searches. As well as Cold plunge pools, up 130% and pickle ball courts in backyards or nearby up 100%.
  • Upcycling and thrifting are seeing a comeback as renovations are getting more and more prevalent. Right now, Housing and Staging Resource states that the housing supply in North America has never been older at 41 years old, and with higher interest rates on new homes, it’s important to make renovations count. Going for a more timeless look, especially on bigger purchases, is a more successful way to keep your home looking fresh.
  • Historical style revival especially Spanish colonial has seen a huge increase in interest with searches going up over 1000% in the last year.
  • Focusing on small details is incredibly in right now with home accents up 2417% and decorative accents up 799%.

Image Courtesy of Houzz. Click picture to see!

Image courtesy of Laurey Glenn of HGTV







Let’s dive into current designs trending specifically in your Kitchen and Bath.

Kitchen and Bath:

  • Open and organic. Again, following the color trends of warmer earthier tones as seen in our colors of the year blog post
  • Wood cabinets are dominating, some may say that wood is the new white. Grey usage is fading out
  • Walk in pantries are the single hottest trend right now with searches up over 2000%
  • Islands
  • Layered lighting and more specifically a lot of custom handmade lighting such as a Murano handmade chandelier
  • Twin fridges
  • Dedicated beverage areas
  • Blending backsplash with herringbone being especially in
  • Industrial style kitchens such as stainless steel countertops, pull-down faucets, and track lighting

Image courtesy of Dave Laurisden

Image courtesy of Rost Artisan Design

Image courtesy of Murano












  • Primary bathrooms are get bigger
  • Again, wood is the new white. Especially with vanities, people are choosing to think about making their bathrooms more aging friendly due to more people living in their homes longer due to lower interest rates on the house they already own as compared to a new house.
  • Textured surfaces
  • Tub in shower helps with accessibility as well as allowing for more space in the room as a whole.

Image courtesy of iBathtub






We know your next home design project is coming, and we hope we helped you gain inspiration from these current 2024 home trends for the design mind in you! Share with friends and make your own home a more appealing and hip place. And as always stay tuned for more great tips to further improve the look of your home!

Unless otherwise stated, our source for all percentages is from Houzz search results and polls taken from thousands of designers and stagers across North America.

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Exploring the Hottest Colors of the Year: Transforming Interiors with Style

  • February 17, 2024

2024 Colors of the year have been released. This year is big on nature, from coastal blues and light pastels to warm earthy tones that pair well together and with darker whites. This year’s trend forecast can go in any room in your home.

This year’s colors are a mix soft, terracotta type reds as well as wide-ranging blues. We’ve compiled a list from many of the top color experts here.

Reddish hues:

  • Pantone: Peach Fuzz
  • Glidden: Limitless
  • HGTV: Persimmon (paired with Softer Tan and Pearly White for color collection of the year)

In order as listed:

Image courtesy of Pantone

Image courtesy of Glidden







Bluish Hues:

  • Benjamin Moore: Blue Nova
  • C2: Thermal
  • Dunn-Edwards: Skipping Stones
  • Krylon: Bluebird
  • Sherwin Williams: Upward
  • Minwax: Bay Blue
  • Valspar: Renew Blue

In order as listed:

Image courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Image courtesy of C2

Image courtesy of Dunn-Edwards







Image courtesy of Krylon

Image courtesy of Sherwin-Williams







Image courtesy of Minwax

Image courtesy of Valspar






Each of these colors can pair well either together or with softer and warmer whites. The earthy and more natural tones make a space more inviting and cozier, making your house feel more like a home. The soothing neutrals that pair well with the earthy color can have the same effect.

Take these colors of the year and their complementaries into account this year if you’re looking to stay on top of color trends and make your home feel comfy, elegant, and timeless.

Jacob Struve Intern from UW-Madison


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